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"I survived great ADVERSITY. 

Now, I thrive, and i empower others to thrive!

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Passion projects!"

Jerry St. Pierre overcame significant life adversity. Now, his life's work empowers others to also thrive through head, heart, hands, and alignment.

Violence, abuse, and poverty, among other hardships, dominated Jerry's formative years. He survived childhood. 

Today, Jerry thrives. His story inspires many, and he is reaching back to help others!

Jerry hosts the Alignment Way Podcast where he teaches people how to build wealth and relationships through Head, Heart, and Hand Alignment. He married his soul mate over 20 years ago and achieved financial independence together. Jerry shares his knowledge of personal finance, real estate investing, and life wisdom to empower others to live their purpose in life.

Jerry serves as President of St. Pierre Alliance which joins members worldwide to fund the Alliance's Resiliency Scholarship generating over $10,000 in scholarships for college students rising from adversity. 

He owns Cozy Properties of North Georgia through which he leads a team that manages his rental portfolio. His real estate investing spans over 21 years of experience

Jerry serves as an active duty Air Force chaplain where he provides counseling and soul care for people of all backgrounds. He is skilled in spiritual formation, solution-focused counseling, marriage care, effective team-building, strong relationships, and suicide intervention. He is endorsed by the North American Mission Board. He has served as an advanced performance coach for the Department of the Air Force. He coached leaders across the Air Force at all levels to practice self-reflection, creativity in problem-solving, and accountability.

Most importantly, Jerry's greatest accomplishment above all is his extremely rich and satisfying marriage for over 20 years and raising three outstanding children!

passion Projects

St. Pierre  Alliance Resiliency Scholarship

$1,000.00 + Performance Coaching for students rising from adversity. 

"We Create Success Stories"   

The Alignment Way Podcast

Wealth + Relationships + Life

Build Wealth, Relationships, and life with Head, Heart, and Hand Alignment!

"Life the Alignment Way"

St. Pierre Alliance Virtual Summit

This annual online summit is designed to add value to you, your family, your business, and your future. 

What to expect:

The Alignment Hub Coaching Community

Build wealth, relationships, and life with your head, heart, and hands in alignment.

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